Embracing Summer

By Ashlee Bishop

City living comes with its perks; accessibility, more people and vast varieties to choose from, on practically anything. These perks can be enjoyed by anyone willing to try. Summer in Wisconsin finally arrives, and while the weather has been tricky, it still beats the mildest winter night. It’s a no brainer, that when the sun is out we all want to soak it up! Outside of work, school and family there is ample opportunity; seems like the distance/commute and probability are all that stand in the way.

You find the park you want to visit but chances are it’s more than 10 miles away. That’s it; you’re taking the trip! You load up the car; food, friends and fun are all on the agenda. Cruising along the way, you notice the potholes that winter has left. Attempting to reroute and dodge the “roughed up” roads, you are eventually engulfed in traffic as far as the eye can see.

Or, let’s say you found a peaceful pluck of nature befitting of your needs and personal agendas. Chances are so have others. So, as you were taught in kindergarten you must share. Fair enough until somehow it’s ruined; this is no longer a place of rest and it only makes you uncomfortable. Ingeniously these two scenarios have kept you from the happiness that comes with sun shine.

Here’s an easy solution; this summer forget planning, comfort and otherwise sound logic. Go out in the rain, stay out past dark and dress for comfort instead of for fashion. The Wisconsin winter was brutal enough to us this year; step into nature ready to receive rejuvenation. Open yourself the simple beauties of the summer. Go on trips “Spur of the moment”: go alone even. Use the time you will spend outside to reflect, meditate and unwind from the constant every day.