Wisconsin AWWA’s 2016 Project of the Year Award

The Wisconsin Section AWWA Project of the Year Award recognizes excellence in engineering, design, and construction in the Wisconsin drinking water industry.

The 2016 Project of the Year used a unique, yet simple solution to a complex construction coordination problem to save the Utility over a million dollars, as well as the Wisconsin DOT more than 18 months of time, while minimizing the impact to thousands of water utility customers.

When the Wisconsin DOT needed to move the Zoo Freeway 80 feet west and lower it 9 feet, a major water transmission main feeding the west side of Wauwatosa was in the way and had to be moved. The 24-inch transmission main was the main feed to the west service area and having it out of service would result in excessively low pressures throughout the west service area, as well as a serious reduction in fire protection capacity to several major customers.

Developing a project to install a 2,000 gpm temporary booster pumping station remotely located 3 miles north of the impacted highway crossing provided continuous water service to the west side of the City for over a month, allowing the DOT contractor to construct, flush, disinfect, and put the new 24-inch transmission main into service. Use of the DOT construction contract allowed the 24-inch transmission main to be constructed in a third of the time it would have required. GRAEF worked closely with the DOT engineer to site, design, and procure the temporary skid mounted booster pumping station and generator system. This work ensured an efficient installation and effective operation.

Coordinating the project with several state and local agencies resulted in a project that had virtually no impact on water service to the west side of Wauwatosa. The team of Wauwatosa Water Utility and GRAEF worked closely with the DOT to develop the temporary pumping system that resulted in saving Wauwatosa Water Utility $1.25 million and the DOT over 18 months of time.