Our community, our environment, and our Earth are extremely important. GRAEF realizes the impacts people have on our planet and take to heart incorporating sustainability into our culture and our business practices.

GRAEF Earth Day Team

GRAEF Earth Day Team

GRAEF collaborated with McKinstry and the City of Monona Public Works Department to lead a clean-up effort at the Winnequah Park in Monona (near Madison, WI), on Friday, April 17th in celebration of Earth Day. The clean-up was part of an annual event to take care of our planet. Volunteers at the event were organized into four groups. The first group dug the holes and planted trees provided by the City of Monona, the second group planted bushes and shrubs along the lagoon, the third group helped cut bushes and pull weeds in front of the Monona Public Library, and the fourth group picked up trash from along the edges of the lagoon and around the rest of the Park.

We were extremely pleased with the turn-out and hope to continue to challenge our colleagues and partners to be responsible stewards of the environment. GRAEF’s Civil Market Leader in the Madison Office, Tyler Smith, was interviewed by the media regarding GRAEF’s involvement. “GRAEF and McKinstry are two energy-efficiency, sustainability firms that have been teaming up on projects over the last few years. We started talking and wanted to get together to do something for the environment on Earth Day, and just do something for the community” said Tyler. Channel 27 News also interviewed organizer Mario Millonzi from McKinstry. Organized clean-up efforts like this give our employees a chance to roll up their sleeves and support the firm’s core aspects of sustainability and environmental impact, while collaborating efforts with colleagues.

In addition to GRAEF’s efforts in helping the planet outside of the office for Earth Day, we are making large strides to improve our carbon footprint inside our offices on a daily basis, as well. GRAEF has previously formed a sustainability committee with several initiative, one of which is “Walk the Talk.”  This initiative is focused on internally improving GRAEF’s efforts of going green. To work towards this initiative GRAEF has planted a victory garden on the patio of our Milwaukee office, converted our plastic water bottles to pitchers of water in conference rooms and meeting areas, as well as converting plastic utensils to silverware.

Hats off to the GRAEF employees on making our mission statement a reality both inside and outside of the office.

To see photos of GRAEF employees and colleagues cleaning up on Earth Day, visit our Facebook page at:

https://www. facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.834384146645417.10737418 31.165108110239694&type=3

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