Legos, Legos, Legos

By Andrew Slater 

This R2D2 is one of many scuptures featured at this years legofest

My family attended Legofest last weekend. This event was really a lot of fun! The day was filled with activity and featured very interesting Lego sculptures constructed by the master builders. The scupltures included characters from Star Wars, Harry Potter, and many super heros such as the Hulk and Batman. The event provided an opportunity for everyone to build their own creations and to walk around to observe the various stations. One station for the kids focused on building & racing their own lego car, while another station was set up to create something using only a single color. I am pretty amazed how this toy can bring some creative and beneficial possibilities. 

My creation with the single color legos atLegoFest

Being a newer Dad, I am thrilled that I have the opportunity to share one my favorite childhood past times with my children. At home, we are only building with Duplos. Currently, I am the tower creator and my son, Evan, plays the role of Godzilla destroying them. Eventually my kids will move on to the “big boy” legos and then we can have some real fun! I am also hoping their interest grows enough for us to maybe move on to the Lego automation series. I think it will be pretty cool to build a rube goldberg machine. It is amazing how these interlocking bricks can let the imagination grow. My childhood lego adventures led me to create futuristic worlds for spaceships, space stations, and intricate objects such as the robot character “John 5” from the movie “Short Circuit“. The endless pieces, options, and accessories allowed me to continuously expand my creativity.

My oldest son, Evan, playing with his creation

I always wondered if Ole Kirk Christiansen, the Lego Creator, had any idea that his toy would be this popular when he designed them in 1940. Would he have been considered a visionary in 1940 similar to today’s computer tycoons like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates? I am sure Ole did not visualize that his toy would bring so much fun that included so many positive benifits. Many researchers indicate that legos refine detail motor skills and open the worlds of imagination. I want to believe Legos probably had some influence on my career choice as an engineer. I would like to believe my creativity for finding solutions to difficult challlenges was enhanced with my childhood hobby of legos. I look foward to taking my old lego collection and adding to it with new collector sets that are now  available. Legos are a timeless hobby that my kids, and millions of others, will continue to enjoy for years to come.