Life is GRAEF!

John Kissinger, P.E., President & CEO of GRAEF

Welcome to Life is GRAEF!

This is our brand new blog from GRAEF.

In the coming weeks and months, you should be seeing a number of blogs from GRAEF staff. Some of these will be about the work we do and love, some will be about hobbies we love. I can’t promise that you will find all of these blogs to be interesting, but I am sure there will be some new information in each of them.

We are going to try and have some fun with this blog. While many of the topics will be technical or business related, a few will be whimsical, topical, opinion pieces, or just plain silly.

I’m looking forward to our upcoming blogs to see what springs up…I hope that you will stay engaged and involved, and please give us your feedback when you can.

Remember, Business is Good, but Life is GRAEF!              

John Kissinger, P.E.