Giving Thanks!

by Maggie Fortmann

When the Marketing group asked if I would like to write a blog I was slightly intimidated at first. Then I realized that I had the week of Thanksgiving for my blog and thought it couldn’t be more perfect. Thanksgiving is actually my favorite holiday – which I’m sure might sound a little strange to some people. I love the family time, the Macy’s Parade, the Charlie Brown specials, the food, the craziness of the day after sales, and the official kick off to the Holidays. I especially love the time to reflect on what is important in my life.

Sometimes I feel with all the things I have and want to do (work, be a great mom and wife, chase here and there) I don’t take enough time to reflect on the things I am thankful for. Who doesn’t find it difficult at 2am rocking a crying baby to stop and think – No I am blessed to have a crying baby because it means I have a child? Or when you are stuck in traffic on your way to work to think – I am thankful that I have a job to go to that I get to drive through traffic for it. Or when filling up your gas tank at almost $4 a gallon to think – I am thankful for this car that I have to fill up because it means I have easy transportation.

I would think that for many people, including me, that sometimes when you are in the thick of everyday life it is hard to remember there are so many things to be thankful for – even the not so fun stuff. Thanksgiving reminds me to take stock of what is really important in my life and find the things in which to be grateful.

So today for just a minute think about what you are thankful for. And if someone popped into your head while you were reading this – tell them you are thankful for them. I am thankful every day to work with the people that I do. I am thankful for my health that I am able to serve those in my life. I am thankful for my family, my friends, and my co-workers who brighten up my life and give me purpose. I am thankful for our clients and their loyalty to us. I am even thankful for the hard times and decisions because they make us stronger and much more grateful for when times are good!

So in this week of Thanksgiving, I’d like to take a minute to thank all of you at GRAEF. Thank you for doing your jobs so well – so that I am able to do mine at all. Enjoy your four day weekend celebrating with all you are thankful for whether it is your families, hunting, the Charlie Brown special, the Macy’s Parade, or the official kickoff to the Holiday Season. Happy Thanksgiving!