Our Firm

GRAEF offers a full range of design services for our clients throughout the business spectrum as well as dynamic career opportunities for our employees.

GRAEF began as an individual partnership in 1961. The fledgling structural engineering firm was named Graef, Anhalt, Schloemer–Consulting Engineers. Today, GRAEF employs 250 employees in six offices located in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Florida. We are pleased to offer our clients a full range of design services and our employees dynamic career opportunities. GRAEF takes pride in having a dedicated staff skilled in the latest technologies and knowledgeable about the evolving marketplace.

No business can thrive in the long-term without continually transforming itself and finding ways to become more efficient, more innovative, more responsive, and more successful. Whether your business is starting from a position of strength and longevity, or it is taking its first baby steps into a new or larger market, the professionals at GRAEF want to help you identify and make the changes needed to take your business to the next level.

We encourage you to visit our Markets and Services pages to learn more about how GRAEF can help your company succeed and to read about how we’ve helped others achieve success.