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Allewalt Hacker Rejoins GRAEF

Stephanie Allewalt Hacker Rejoins the GRAEF Planning Group

Stephanie has rejoined GRAEF and brings with her a wealth of experience. Aside from her previous work with GRAEF, Stephanie has worked in economic development and urban revitalization in southeastern Wisconsin, and has held public and private sector planning positions in Illinois and Maryland. Her most recent economic development work contributed to a $729,000 federal award for redevelopment and job creation in Milwaukee. Stephanie is also an adjunct professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Architecture and Urban Planning, where she shares her knowledge with undergraduate students across all disciplines.

At the core of Stephanie’s work in economic development, planning, and urban revitalization lies her dedication to building a central vision and establishing systems that kick-start physical change. She cares deeply about using urban design and planning to enhance the nexus of community and neighborhood vitality, public health, and the triple bottom line. Stephanie will be working with business, nonprofit, and government clients to implement vital enhancements in our physical environment.

We encourage you to contact Stephanie to learn how GRAEF can help you see the benefits of urban design and urban planning in your community.

414/266 9226 or stephanie.allewalt@graef-usa.com

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