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GRAEF's Hacker Featured in Next City Profile

Urban Planning and Design Aren’t Optional

Name: Stephanie Hacker

Current Occupation: Senior Planner at GRAEF, and Adjunct Professor at UWM
Hometown: Batavia, IL
Current City: Milwaukee, WI
Twitter Tag: @_GRAEF_

I drink: Coffee & Tea–specifically Anodyne, Stone Creek, & Valentine Coffee, and Rishi Tea
I am a: combination extrovert/introvert
I get to work by: I travel roughly 90 blocks by car. It’s a completely doable trek by bike. Those 90 blocks need safe and more accommodating cycling infrastructure. I intend to have a hand in boosting this infrastructure in the years to come.
The area in which I was raised was: a patchwork of urban, suburban, and rural landscapes. It still is. They’re all great and wondrous in their own right, and they all need better solutions to vastly different problems. That’s why planners exist.

What was your first job? In my first-ever paid position, I was the fountain girl at a local cafe´ situated along a statewide off-street bike/ped path. At least a third of our customers sported biking shorts, helmets, and grass stains. You could say that was my first “real” job was as an AmeriCorps VISTA working in neighborhood revitalization in Baltimore at the Greater Homewood Community Corporation. Still today, GHCC helps newbies, like I was then, learn about the complexities that come with maintaining community trust, fighting the negative perception of wealthy academic institutions, and overcoming historic socioeconomic status.


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