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Happy New Year!

GRAEF sponsored the Newaukee New Year's party.

The Newaukee New Year's Eve 2014 gala offered the opportunity to experience interactive art, amazing music and the incredible ambiance of the Milwaukee Art Museum. The NYE MKE website revisited the party and noted the following as some of their favorite memories from the night: 

1. Surprise Performance by Ray Nitti

2. Two Sincere Marriage Proposals…that we know of

3. Graffiti Ice Wall

4. Roaming Fish Tank Man

5. One Epic Midnight Celebration with the GRAEF Hop Drop! The music was cranked up and all in attendance counted down to midnight when the famed GRAEF Hop Drop arrived! Yes, that’s right, a 20-foot Hop Drop.

What is Newaukee? They're glad you asked. Borrowing from their website:  Whether you moved here for work, family or a fresh start in life, NEWaukee has you covered. We’re passionate about making Milwaukee feel like home and by joining the movement, you can fall in love with the city as well!Taking the first step is easy – simply sign up to become part of the movement, and we’ll keep you posted on opportunities. From there, how much you are involved is entirely up to you!

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