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GE Guardhouse Industrual Locker Room Plexus Exterior Exterior Industrial Campus - Gardens

To meet the many needs of today’s industrial client, GRAEF's industrial engineering team offers a full range of services.

Our structural engineers and designers offer a wide variety of experience with structural investigations and design of foundations, machinery bases, new and renovated buildings, pedestrian bridges and parking facilities. Other major services include construction management and inspection, as well as site selection and any site development needed, such as grading, roads and utilities.

Our plant engineering work covers plant layout and mechanical, electrical and controls engineering. This involves production processes, such as the mold handling system in a foundry, as well as environmental considerations, both within the plant itself and outside of the building. Experience with automation runs the gamut, from the cycling of a pump to computer control systems. A large number of foundries are among the clients who have used our services over the years as they converted to automation, mechanization and new process techniques.

Offices are located in the heart of these industrial areas: Wisconsin’s Fox River Valley, southeastern Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin, and northern Illinois. The expertise of personnel in several divisions within the company is available to clients who may need all, or just a few, of these services:

  • Plant Layout
  • Production Processes
  • Plant Environmental Control
  • Structural Design
  • Industrial Waste Treatment
  • Resource Recovery and Energy Conservation
  • Site Selection and Development

S.C. Johnson Waxdale Facility

S.C. Johnson Waxdale Facility

GRAEF helps with state-of-the-art training center.
GE Healthcare Guardhouse

GE Healthcare Guardhouse

Guardhouse Upgrades to meet Homeland Security Requirements
Manitowoc Crane Campus Upgrade

Manitowoc Crane Campus Upgrade

A $25 million renovation to meet growth and capacity demands.

Aldrich Chemical

Aldrich Chemical

Major rehabilitation to a large industrial complex.
Caterpillar Fab Shop

Caterpillar Fab Shop

Caterpillar improves their space for production.
Caterpillar (Formerly Bucyrus International)

Caterpillar (Bucyrus International)

Bringing manufacturing space into the 21st century.

John Deere G9 Locker Room Slab & Foundation Repair

John Deere New Employee Support Spaces

A new locker room, office space, conference room, and storm shelter.
Caterpillar Structural Systems Evaluation

Caterpillar Structural System Evaluation

GRAEF evaluates crane bay structural systems.
Badger Railing Needs Assessment

Badger Railing Needs Assessment

GRAEF helped Badger Railing conduct a needs assessment.

Briggs & Stratton Corporate Office Suite

Briggs & Stratton Office Suite

GRAEF helped design brand new Corporate Office space for Briggs & Stratton.

Curt Hoffmann,Associate - Milwaukee Curt Hoffmann
Associate - Milwaukee
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Principal - Madison
608 / 245-1965
Joe Schuller,Principal - Milwaukee Joe Schuller
Principal - Milwaukee
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Scott Hinrichs,Principal - Orlando Scott Hinrichs
Principal - Orlando
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