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Briggs & Stratton Office Suite Briggs & Stratton Office Suite Briggs & Stratton Office Suite Briggs & Stratton Office Suite

Briggs & Stratton Corporate Office Suite

This project transformed a 20,000 square foot area within a manufacturing facility into a corporate level style office suite to accommodate a department of 75 staff with room to expand to a staff of 90. The suite consisted primarily of cubicle-style offices, along with two dozen private offices, conference rooms, collaborative areas and a kitchenette. 

The private offices consisted of a few larger offices and mostly smaller offices. The cubicle style offices serve two distinct groups: engineering that requires more surface area than average, and sales that requires more storage and less surface area. Additional areas provide space for On-Road-Sales staff to log in and work while in the office.  

A variety of conference rooms were provided: one very private conference room to accommodate 8 people, two conference rooms to accommodate 12 people each, revisions to an existing adjacent conference room to provide a large conference room to be shared by departments, and three open collaborative areas.


Hoan Bridge Inspection

In-depth inspection of the Hoan Bridge.

UW-Madison Union South

276,000 square feet LEED® Gold certified student union.

Lawrence University Warch Campus Center

A LEED® Gold certified student center.

Briggs & Stratton Office Suite

GRAEF helped design brand new Corporate Office space for Briggs & Stratton.

Columbia St. Mary's Hospital

Replacement Hospital on Milwaukee's lakefront

University of Alabama Track and Field

NCAA Division I IAAF track and field

Bayshore Town Center

A premier shopping, residential and entertainment destination

Milwaukee Art Museum

Engineering realizes this Milwaukee masterpiece

The Moderne

Milwaukee's newest high-rise building

US 18 (Bluemound Road)

Resurfacing and safety modifications improve the busy Bluemound Road corridor.

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Principal - Milwaukee
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