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Caterpillar (Formerly Bucyrus International) Caterpillar (Formerly Bucyrus International) Caterpillar (Formerly Bucyrus International) Caterpillar (Formerly Bucyrus International)

Caterpillar (Formerly Bucyrus International)

The Caterpillar (formerly Bucyrus International) complex is made up of more than 30 buildings that were constructed over a period of more than one hundred years. Many of the older buildings no longer serve their original function and most could not accommodate the functional requirements to manufacture the company’s latest generation of electric mining shovels, blasthole drills, and walking draglines.

GRAEF met with a project team from Caterpillar to discuss their anticipated production requirements and to begin the planning process to bring their manufacturing space into the 21st century. With the information that was gathered, GRAEF developed a space utilization program, project scope and schedule. GRAEF also prepared schematic drawings to illustrate the proposed development of the new buildings that were laid out to maximize process and material flow, eliminate potential production bottlenecks, and allow flexible manufacturing to handle anticipated growth in demand.

Phase 1 North

This phase is a 172,000-square-foot, 60-foot-tall crane building. Designed as a "Mill" building with three 550-foot-long parallel crane aisles capable of supporting three 10-ton radio-operated top running cranes each aisle. Design included plate crane girder design, roof joist and beams, jib crane and gantry crane supports on columns, and moment frames consisting of laced stepped columns, and heavy equipment foundations.

Phase 2 North

This phase is a 70,400-square-foot manufacturing building and 46,000-square-foot, 40-foot-tall crane building. The crane building was designed as a "Mill" building with a single 525 foot-long crane aisle capable of supporting five 25-ton radio-operated top running cranes. Design included roof joists and beams, exterior yard gantry crane runway steel, and moment frames consisting of laced stepped columns, 87-foot span trusses, and heavy equipment foundations.

Phase 1 South

This phase is a 44,000-square-foot addition to an existing crane building. Designed as a "Mill" building with single aisle, two 100-ton cranes at upper runway 50 feet above floor and two 35-ton cranes at lower runway 32 feet above floor. All cranes radio-operated top running. Design included moment frames consisting of combined stepped columns, 105-foot span trusses, and heavy equipment foundations.


E. Capitol Drive, Shorewood, WI

A community creates a corridor that offers economic opportunities.

Martha Jefferson Hospital

A hospital in a park filled with nature, water and outdoor spaces.

Quad/Graphics OK Facility Expansion

GRAEF helped Quad/Graphics expand their Oklahoma facility.

University of Alabama Track and Field

NCAA Division I IAAF track and field

Fannie Road Bridge

Repairing a structurally deficient bridge.

Saint John's on The Lake

20-story senior living tower

Franklin W. Oakwood Road Improvements

Road improvements on West Oakwood Road from 27th Street.

STH 145 Construction Inspection

Construction inspection of 5 roundabouts and 2 bridges.

Caterpillar (Bucyrus International)

Bringing manufacturing space into the 21st century.

Northwestern Mutual Franklin Campus

Two million square feet of office space developed in two phases

Greenleaf Roundabout

The Town of Greenleaf, Wisconsin needed an intersection that promoted safety and commerce.

Herb and Dolly Smith Park

Transforming blighted property into a community asset.

Great Lakes Naval Base

A comprehensive understanding of your facility when updates are in the future.

West Allis Re/Development

West Allis is making strides in its community with its commitment to implementing long-range plans and making fast investment decisions.

Thomas Street Corridor Master Plan

Implementation of master plan adds value to Wausau neighborhood.

Transform Milwaukee Strategic Plan

A comprehensive public-private initiative focused on regenerating Milwaukee as a thriving, 21st century community.

Milwaukee's Future Landscape Gem

A richly detailed and layered urban space that will become a jewel in the City of Milwaukee’s waterfront.

Milwaukee Bucks Parking Structure

1,300-stall parking structure part of the new downtown arena district.

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