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Helping you to work smarter, streamline procedures, and eliminate bottlenecks.

Operations Consulting Operations Consulting

GRAEF has been instrumental in assisting companies large and small to become more productive through Operations Consulting engineering.

Our strategy for re-engineering your business or process follows a cycle of evaluation, planning, implementation, and review. This strategy will allow the opportunity to assess the changes and make adjustments.

Increasingly, companies want to reinvent their manufacturing processes, improve productivity and eliminate waste. Businesses are turning to industrial engineers to uncover the incremental improvements that will unlock the potential to enhance their processes. This inward look should not begin and end on the production floor; it typically begins in the corporate offices and extends beyond their dock doors often to the plants of their suppliers. To remain ahead of the competition in today’s business environment, companies need to capitalize on unused or underused potential through a comprehensive analysis of their entire business process—from order entry through shipping.

Working smarter, streamlining procedures, and eliminating bottlenecks are often common goals of operations consulting projects. Quality improvements, production increases, reduced costs, better company morale, and fewer customer complaints are often the tangible and intangible benefits realized through changes generated by a company’s internal review process.

Caterpillar Fab Shop

Caterpillar Fab Shop

Caterpillar improves their space for production.
Great Lakes Packaging Corporation

Great Lakes Packaging Corporation

Great Lakes Packaging Corporation improves efficiency.
Badger Railing Needs Assessment

Badger Railing Needs Assessment

GRAEF helped Badger Railing conduct a needs assessment.

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Principal - Milwaukee
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