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Inspection, design, and construction of parking facilities. GRAEF can help you from beginning to end.

Milwaukee Bucks Parking Facility Dane County Airport Parking Facility GMIA Parking Facility Univ. of WI Madison Hospital Parking Facility

A parking structure evaluation can range widely in scope and approach. Whether it is a brief walk-through visually inspecting the structure and making notes of readily observable issues -- getting an overall “feel” for the condition of the structure -- or an extremely thorough and detailed inspection during which every condition and sign of deterioration is quantified and recorded, GRAEF has the necessary experience. Testing, both non-destructive and destructive (such as chloride content, rate of corrosion, concrete compressive strength, and petrographics), can be performed.

Exactly where on this spectrum the “proper” evaluation scope lies depends on many factors. Is your garage’s structural system, age, or previous repair and maintenance history an issue? Are there readily observable conditions of concern? For example, if the structure is already exhibiting significant spalling, it is obvious that the corrosion threshold has been reached and therefore it is not necessary to test for chlorides in the concrete. One of the most important factors in determining the evaluation’s scope is your need for specific and detailed information. Simply wanting to get a “feel” for a garage’s condition has very different goals than knowing there are issues and needing a good solid repair scope and cost to plan. Having a rehabilitation program plan can be immensely helpful in planning for the next fiscal year.

Milwaukee Bucks Parking Structure

Milwaukee Bucks Parking Structure

1,300-stall parking structure part of the new downtown arena district.
West Allis Memorial Hospital–Aurora  Women’s Pavilion Parking

Aurora Women's Pavilion Parking

500-car parking structure and connects to the main hospital
UW Madison Hospital Parking Expansion

UW Madison Parking Facility

Growth and success result in expanded parking needs.

GMIA Parking Structure

GMIA Parking Expansion

Designing a great start to your trip!
Dane County Regional Airport

Dane County Airport

Improving the parking experience.

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Principal - Milwaukee
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