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Meaningful dialogue results in successful consensus-based planning and urban design processes.

Portrait photo of planning team at GRAEF Shoreline Plan Illustration Holmgren Way Rendering Overhead Planning Diagram

GRAEF planners’ specialty is preparing detailed and innovative plans, guidelines, and concepts that enhance development, preserve the environment, and add value to a community. We integrate new development or redevelopment with existing neighborhoods, districts, and corridors to create livable, walkable, sustainable public places tailored to fit local social, economic, and cultural activities. GRAEF views planning and urban design as simultaneously building on the community’s traditions and affording new socioeconomic directions for change.

GRAEF planners and urban designers recognize the importance of a good working relationship with public officials and local citizens. Through meaningful dialogue with public agencies, community leaders, and residents, we can facilitate successful consensus-based planning and implementation processes.

Some of you may remember us as Planning and Design Institute, or PDI, out of Milwaukee. For 20 years, PDI provided planning consulting, urban design, and design competition advisory services across the country. In 2008, PDI joined GRAEF, forming GRAEF's new Planning + Urban Design Group. We are grateful to the many partners and colleagues who have collaborated with us over the past 25+ years.

Larry Witzling

Lawrence Witzling

Loves the work and shares that enthusiasm daily!
Danya Littlefield

Danya Littlefield

Balances the needs of community and environment with future-oriented planning and design.
Wiscon Innovation District Proposal

Wiscon Innovation District Vision

GRAEF planners share their vision for the next 20 years.

Ben Block

Benjamin Block

Brings the triple bottom line framework to every job!
Tanya Fonseca

Tanya Fonseca

Elevates planning savvy in every locale.
Stephanie Hacker

Stephanie Hacker

Establishes systems that kick-start physical change.

Craig Huebner

Craig Huebner

Solves complex problems through urban design.
Kristan Sanchez

Kristan Sanchez

Puts community goals at the forefront of every planning process.

Larry Witzling,Principal - Milwaukee Larry Witzling
Principal - Milwaukee
414 / 266-9220
Stephanie Hacker,Practice Area Leader, Planning + Urban Design Stephanie Hacker
Practice Area Leader, Planning + Urban Design
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